HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Antiviral Hand & Surface Wipes


Effective Hand and Surface Wipes

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, it is clear that that we will all need to continue to focus on hygiene for our hands and surfaces for some time to come.

When managing the transmission of viruses on hands, the advice is very clear that handwashing is the most effective method to remove germs. However, there will be times where handwashing isn’t possible so having access to alcohol gels and also handwipes when out and about, continues to be important.


Handwipes are an excellent alternative when handwashing is not possible


We are all more conscious of the potential dangers of the Covid-19 virus being left on hard surfaces, so risks can be mitigated by having a pack of wipes (with proven efficacy) on hand at all times to wipe surfaces, products coming into your home/business and areas that are regularly touched, like door handles.


Antiviral and antibacterial wipes are an effective and efficient way to manage hygiene


A great range of wipes for all requirements

Newtons Medical Supplies has a great range of wipes available to buy in our online shop.

Here is an overview of what we currently have available:

Sanisafe 4c wipes

Sanisafe 4c hand and surface wipes have been proven to be effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria,  viruses and fungi including Corona virus strains, Swine Flu (H1N1), salmonella, Listeria, E-coli, Staphylococcus aureus, C-Difficile, MRSA, Candida Albicans, Aspergillus Niger.

They are tested to European norms including EN1276 (Bactericidal) EN1650 (fungicidal) and EN14476 (Virucidal).


Effective protection from Sanisafe 4c wipes

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Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes

Our 100 packs of Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes are individually wrapped in a highly convenient pocket size. They are a great way to hygienically clean hands and keep them moisturised.


Great support for hand hygiene

AVAILABLE IN packs of 100 from our online shop

Price reduced to £5.80

(from £6.20)

Clinell Universal Wipes

Our Clinell Universal Wipes can be used for surface disinfection and non-invasive medical devices. They have a proven kill rate of 99.999% and are effective against many infections including MRSA, Acinetobacter, VRE, Hepatitis B & C, TB and Norovirus.


Highly effective Clinell Universal Wipes

AVAILABLE in packs of 40 or packs of 100 


Sanisafe 3, QRD, 1500 wipes (limited stock)

If you need large packs of wipes – maybe for a busy workplace, then our Sanisafe 3 QRD antibacterial and antiviral wipes are the perfect choice.

Sanisafe QRD wipes



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