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News in Profile – Masked medics and cancer awareness

Covid 19 News – Shielding advice is lifted

NHS News – The cancer check you can swallow

Newtons News – Covid 19 shop

News In Profile

Masked Medics Share Selfies for Cancer Awareness

male surgeon putting on a medical mask

Medical staff in operating theatres have been sharing masked selfies of themselves as a way of raising cancer awareness

It all started when a photo was taken of Theo Nanidis, a consultant plastic surgeon.  The image, taken in an operating theatre just after the end of the first lockdown, inspired him to start the ‘Don’t Mask The Light’ campaign.  Theo said  

The idea for the campaign came from my picture. Someone took a photo of me in theatre, just after the first lockdown and I thought I looked tired and anxious with worry.

I thought to myself, if I’m anxious and I’m healthy I can’t imagine how a person who’s just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer is feeling, or someone having chemo or recovering from cancer is coping through the pandemic.”

He wanted both cancer patients and survivors to know that, despite the pandemic and the lack of face-to-face appointments, they still had the full support of their doctors and nurses.  He said he felt compelled to spread “a feeling of positivity through the power of photography and try to shine a light of hope for patients and their families.”

Gradually, medical staff from across the world began posting masked selfies, spreading the message that they were masking Covid, not the light of hope.  “It rapidly became a bit of a competition where all the surgeons started to compete about who’s going to do the best picture. 

I told them it doesn’t have to be award-winning, just a selfie!”

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Covid 19 News

Clinically Vulnerable Shielding Advice is Lifted

This month the government’s shielding advice for an estimated 4 million clinically vulnerable people is lifted.

mature woman wearing a face mask looking out of a window

People considered to be clinically vulnerable were advised to shield at home more than a year ago. With over 25 million adults now having received their first Covid 19 jabs the advice has been reduced to keeping social contact at low levels, not getting physically close to others and working from home where possible. Anyone shielding has been prioritised for a Covid vaccination.

2nd Jabs are Underway

More good news in the fight against Covid – over 2.5 million people have now received their second jab.

doctor giving a man a Covid vaccination.

The current objective is to ensure that everyone in the most at risk groups has had the opportunity to be vaccinated and ALL priority groups have been offered the first jab by 15th April.  

Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and NHS medical director for primary care, said  

“The NHS in England has now vaccinated 25 million people which is an unbelievable achievement by NHS staff across the country, who have continued to work at speed.

“At the same time as increasing second doses week on week, the NHS is reaching out to those 50-69 year-olds who haven’t yet taken up the offer to be vaccinated.

“If you are one of those people yet to book a first dose, please come forward and get your life-saving COVID-19 vaccine which will not only protect you but those around you.”

NHS News

NHS Trialling a Cancer Check You Can Swallow

Remember the film ‘Fantastic Voyage’, about a submarine crew who are shrunk to microscopic size and injected into the body of a scientist to repair his damaged brain? Well, medical advances haven’t quite got that far but miniature cameras that can be swallowed by a patient – that’s looking more likely.

woman with a glass of water about to swallow a colon capsule endoscopy pill

The NHS are trialling the use of miniature cameras, inside a capsule which is no larger than a pill, which patients will swallow to get checked for cancer.

The procedure, known as a colon capsule endoscopy, is designed to help patients access cancer checks from home, and can provide a diagnosis within hours.  We can all agree that this new technology is a much more agreeable alternative to the current method of a traditional endoscopy when patients must attend hospital and have a tube inserted.  

NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens said

“As we come out of ‘peak COVID’ and the disruption of the pandemic, the NHS is now pushing ahead with genuine innovation to expand services for many other conditions. That’s why we’re now trialing these ingenious capsule cameras to allow more people to undergo cancer investigations quickly and safely. What sounds like sci-fi is now becoming a reality, and as these minute cameras pass through your body, they take two pictures per second checking for signs of cancer and other conditions like Crohn’s disease.”

The colon capsule endoscopy usually takes between 5 and 8 hours and sends images of the bowel to a data recorder which the patient carries in a shoulder bag as they go about their day.  

Covid infection control measures in hospitals have meant that traditional endoscopies have taken much longer to perform, reducing the number of people who can undergo potentially life-saving checks.  The camera capsules will help catch more cancers early while they are easier to treat.

Dame Cally Palmer, NHS national cancer director said 

“As the NHS continues to prioritise cancer care, this latest innovation will ensure people can get the checks they need and conveniently – the cameras are small but they will make a big difference for patients.”

The message to anyone experiencing symptoms is clear – seek help straight away, the NHS is waiting to treat you.

It might be a while until this treatment is rolled out across the UK – in the meantime, check out our endoscopy equipment here

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