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Newtons Medical News Our March round-up of stories from the medical and surgical world

In the news this month:

In Profile – Organ Transplants
-A new law will mean that people in England will need to opt out of the organ donor register in the future

The latest NHS & Medical News
-Is there a cure for HIV on the horizon?
-Might Brexit lead to a delay cancer treatments?

Surgical News
-Guts UK launches a range of educational videos to help patients through endoscopy treatment 
-Sterile services and decontamination – stethoscopes carried by doctors may harbour infection-causing germs

Newton’s News
-Our team has been out and about in East Anglia this month


All of our news and views for March

In Profile – Organ Transplants

As suppliers of high quality medical and surgical consumables, we like to keep fully up to date with developments in the medical and surgical world.

As those who follow medical developments will be aware, there has been lots of recent media coverage on a new law related to organ donation which is progressing through Parliament.

The proposed new legislation known as Max and Keira’s law’ has been named for Keira, a little girl whose parents agreed to the donation of a number of her organs following a traffic accident, and Max who was the recipient of her heart and is now doing medically well.

When passed the law will introduce a system of ‘presumed consent’ in England i.e., rather than opting on to the donor register as we do now, we will need to opt out if we object to our organs being used for transplants.


Presumed consent for organ donations

A potential new lease of life for the hundreds of people who are waiting for an organ transplant


There has also been a new campaign launched by the government to raise the profile of organ donation, with an emphasis on children. The campaign aims to raise the profile of organ donations and to encourage parents to consider this path if ever faced with the extremely tragic choice made by Keira’s parents.

According to NHS figures there are around 600 people awaiting a transplant in the UK and last year 400 died whilst on the waiting list. The most common organ transplants carried out on the NHS are kidney, heart, liver and lung.

It is hoped that Max and Keira’s law will increase the number of organ donations and transplants carried out by the NHS, potentially meaning a new lease of life for those many people in urgent need of a transplant.

NHS and other Medical News

A cure for HIV on the horizon?

The media has also been abuzz with the possibility of a successful cure for HIV.  A patient has recently been confirmed as completely HIV for 18 months following a bone marrow transplant carried out at a hospital in London. The transplanted bone marrow came from a donor who was naturally genetically resistant to the HIV virus.

Scientists from University College London have said it is too early to consider this procedure to be a cure but that the development signals a very positive way forward for future research.


A potential cure for HIV?



Might Brexit cause a delay for some cancer treatments?

Like most UK businesses, we are taking a keen interest in the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. Even for those companies which don’t distribute abroad, there is the possibility of a knock on effect for the economy – whatever the outcome.

In the latest Brexit and health related news, the BBC has reported that a no-deal Brexit could have the potential to delay some cancer treatments. The fear is that supplies of radioisotopes may be affected. Radioisotopes, which are used in radiotherapy treatments, degrade quickly over time, meaning that they can’t be ordered ahead and stockpiled like some other sorts of drugs. The advice comes from the Royal College of Radiologists which has also advised Clinicians to keep their workloads light immediately post the Brexit deadline at the end of March, in order to manage contingencies.


Could Brexit cause delays for some cancer treatments?


Surgical News

At Newtons Medical Supplies we specialise in providing high quality medical consumables which are used by both the NHS and other medical organisations. Although we stock and distribute a large range of products, we have a particular focus on endoscopy, sterile services and decontamination.

In this section we take a look at some of the high profile developments in these specialist medical fields.


For patients who have never experienced an endoscopy procedure before, the prospect can be worrying, or even frightening.

Guts UK – the charity dedicated to digestive health – has launched a range of educational videos to help who are facing endoscopy treatments. The purpose of the videos is to run patients through exactly what will happen during their endoscopy, to dispel any worries or fear that they may have.

You can see all of the video content on YouTube.



Endoscopy procedures can be frightening for some patients


Sterile Services and Decontamination

A recent study carried out in the USA has found that the stethoscopes carried by doctors operating in ICU environments often harbour a large amount of different types of bacteria in ‘complex communities’. The bacteria found in the study included Staphylococcus Aureus which can cause serious infections.

The study highlighted the fact that current cleaning methods may not be efficient enough for all scenarios and that rigorous infection control procedures should be followed, including decontamination of instruments when used on different patients. The other alternative would be to use sterilised, single use stethoscopes.

With hospital-acquired infections also a problem in the UK, this study will make interesting reading for medical professionals here.

Doctors’ stethoscopes may carry germs


Newtons News

At Newtons Medical Supplies, we love to get out and about to meet people from the medical community and to share news and updates to our product offerings.


Our stand at the EAEAG Study Day on Saturday 3rd March


The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital held an EAEAG Nursing Study Day on Saturday 3rd March at the Quadrum Institute which is a state of the art food and health research and endoscopy centre.

It was fantastic to have the opportunity to speak to so many medical professionals, to share details of our medical consumables range, and to chat about the latest developments in endoscopy technology.

Lots of people were interested in our table and we have a thoroughly enjoyable and productive day.


Take a look at our shop for more information on our products or find out more about Newtons Medical Supplies here. We will be happy to help with any queries about us or our products, so please get in touch with us if you need further information.