High-Quality, Low-Cost Medical Consumables and Equipment

Newtons Medical Supplies was founded to help to provide efficient, cost-effective, hygienic and dignified healthcare for all.

We create, source and supply high-quality, low-cost medical consumables and equipment – thereby ensuring that NHS Trusts, doctors’ surgeries, private hospitals, care providers, dentists, veterinary practices, schools and businesses have all the resources they need to care for their patients, employees, pupils and service users.  We also provide specialist equipment and consumables to help make Endoscopy Departments as hygienic, safe and effective as possible – and offer an extensive range of general hygiene and cleaning products customers.

The healthcare professionals we supply appreciate our deep knowledge of their operations having worked in their shoes in the past, the personable and honest service that we provide and the responsive, flexible ways that we meet their requirements.  Above all, they recognise that all of our products are of the highest quality required to comply with their specifications, and supplied at the lowest cost – on time and in full.

Working in Partnership with the NHS Supply Chain

At Newtons Medical Supplies we have extensive experience of working in partnership with NHS Trusts to ensure that their hospitals have all the equipment and consumables they require at the highest quality and lowest cost.

We understand the need for our customers to secure the absolute best value and to have a solidly reliable supply chain for their products. We consistently provide exceptional levels of service at highly competitive prices, and guarantee consistently fast and agile  turnarounds – which is why some of the UK’s leading NHS Trusts, including Kings College Hospital, Royal London, St Barts, London Northwest University Healthcare, entrust this essential aspect of their operations to us.

During the COVID pandemic, with hospitals operating under battlefield conditions, we were honoured, willing and able to step up and take some of the strain in support of the tremendous efforts made by frontline staff.

Our customers order a wide variety of products from us. Our relationships are multi-dimensional, and include thinking laterally alongside both procurement professionals to enable them to optimise value for money, whilst working with clinical professionals to both meet their everyday demands and help them to further develop their processes to deliver continual improvement.

Our online and off line ordering processes are streamlined, lean and fully responsive, providing minimal turnaround times and straightforward payment methods to all customers. We make it as easy as possible to obtain the products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Working with UK Businesses

Our commercial clients range across many sectors, as does the scope of the services we provide and functions that we work with.

For many companies, we provide a reliable, low cost source of high quality medical products which are purchased via our online shop or via Trade Accounts.  For other companies, we help to advise those responsible for Health and Safety within their operations on ways to use our products to keep their employees, customers and visitors safe.

Endoscopy Specialism and Consumables

Although now a provider of a comprehensive range of medical consumables and equipment, Newtons continues to provide specialist services and products to ensure a thoroughly decontaminated and hygienic endoscopy process.  We remain a leading provider of products and innovations to these departments across the UK, working closely with clinical and purchasing professionals to ensure the lowest costs for the mandatory high quality products needed to consistently deliver this essential healthcare practice – for both humans via the NHS and private health providers, and animals via veterinary practices.

Our Story

Newtons Medical supplies was founded by Colin Newton, who remains its Managing Director.  Following 12 years of experience working in the healthcare sector, Colin realised that there was an unmet need for realistically priced, high quality medical products provided by a friendly, personable and knowledgeable company that was sufficiently agile and able to tailor its services to meet different customers’ specific needs.  Colin’s vision remains to help to provide efficient, cost-effective, hygienic and dignified healthcare for all.  

We achieve this primarily via three aspects of our work:

  • The first is to source, secure and import much needed products from around the world within a globally competitive market.
  • The second has been to establish procurement and supply lines that meet the stringent criteria for the NHS, while remaining sufficiently flexible to serve the specific demands of all of the other types of care providers and businesses that we serve.
  • And the third has been to leverage our clinical and technical experience gained working inside the healthcare sector to innovate, devise and evolve new products and to ensure help the continual improvement of the care and processes that we support.

Underpinning all our work is our value set:

Knowledgeable: We employ professionals with experience in the healthcare sector; who understand the challenges our customers face and are willing and able to help them to meet those challenges.

Personable: Although the business continues to grow year on year, the team remains small and our relationships with our network of customers and primary producers continues to be direct, empathetic and supportive.  Our customers and suppliers know their primary contact well, and know that they can be trusted.

Responsive: Whether we are working in partnership with large organisations like the NHS and some of our business clients, or single consumers ordering supplies for personal use online, we know that all people, in professional and personal capacities, expect instant gratification.  That is why all orders received before noon are processed the same day with very few exceptions, and all orders valued at £49 or more are delivered free of charge.

Honest:  This value represents a wider definition of how we operate – including simplicity, transparency, reasonableness and integrity.  If we make an error, or fail to do something we have promised to, we will give our customers and suppliers options for us to help them to avoid any disappointment, and do all that we can to correct the situation.  This is underpinned by our Terms and Conditions.

General Hygiene and Cleaning Products

In 2021, we expanded our product range to include well over 100 General Hygiene and Cleaning Products in addition to our Medical consumables and equipment.  This was introduced to enable our customers to obtain all of their requirements from one supplier with all the commercial, resourcing and logistical benefits that this delivers.  The development is supported by Evans Vanodine for which we have become an official distributor.  The company has been established for more than 100 years, operates in over 80 countries and is a world leader in the industrial, food process and animal health sectors.  See our General Hygiene and Cleaning Products Price List here.

And finally, HOW DO YOU want to do business with us?

Our values, combined with our comprehensively stocked warehouse, the processes we have developed and perfected and our relationships with the couriers we use to supplement our inhouse delivery capability provide a solid foundation for us to do business the way that you want to.

Our online shop is a simple way to buy the products you need as you need them – whether as a one off guest, or with the convivence of your own account. Alternatively, call us on 01787 323555 to order and pay online, or email us via the website here or at info@newtonsmedicalsupplies.co.uk .

You can call or email us to apply to join those companies which operate a Trade Account with us, benefiting from 30 day payment terms.  You might like to us to operate a Stock and Serve arrangement for you, enabling you to order in bulk, and to call off the products you need as and when you need them. Or perhaps you want us to deliver the same order on a monthly basis to meet your projected monthly requirement all on a single, consolidated monthly invoice.  However you would like to work, providing it is legal and reasonable, you will find us willing and able to oblige.