RediAir Air Filtration Unit

RediAir Air Filtration Unit



Air purification system

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Simple, effective, ultra quiet and efficient. Plug in, select your mode and let Rediair do the rest.

Dual Hepa 14 and carbon cloth composite filters are 10 x more effective than Hepa 13.

Contaminated air is drawn through 3 layers of filtration capturing particulates as small as 0.3µm and expels purified air back into the room.

This includes: airborne pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viral aerosols), fine and ultra-fine dust, mites, odours and pet dander.

  • High clean air delivery rate
  • Instant air purification
  • Dynamic decontamination
  • Digital display
  • LED indicator immediately shows the air quality of a room
  • 5 air changes per hour within a space up to 120mᶾ