Today is Remembrance day but I also remember it for another reason.

8 years ago I was at Addenbrooke’s hospital with my Dad after him having suffered a stroke whilst at work at the age of 52.

Special thanks to the Doctors and staff at the US Air Force 48th Medical Unit, RAF Lakenheath, who’s prompt and decisive treatment ensured he made such a great recovery. I can’t thank you enough, your actions saved my Daddyo for that I will be eternally grateful.

So folks if you can share my picture someone might just save not just someone’s family member but give the person effected a life. They may come out the other side a bit different with new struggles to overcome daily but if they’re anything like my Dad, they’ll fight their hardest to over come obstacles that stand in their way.

I love you dad more than you’ll ever know you truly are my hero 😘